IRePSE - Lille
Fed 4129

The Institute on Environmental Sciences IRePSE (Institut de Recherches Pluridisciplinaires en Sciences de l’Environnement) is a Research Federation (a cluster of Laboratories or Research Departments) of the University of Lille founded in 2010.

The main purpose of the Institute is to promote and coordinate multidisciplinary reserach activities that are developed in the field of Environmental Sciences on a diverse range of  topics covering atmosperic sciences, the study of natural environments (i.e. soils and aquatic environments), the state of their pollution, ecosystems, their structure and biodiversity dynamics, geosciences and paleobiodiversity, environmental hazards and their relation to nature and our society.

The scientific fields of the Institute are multidisciplinary and cover a number of expertises that ae present in the University of Lille on Environmental studies and involve personnel that has experience in a diverse array of scientific fields : plant and animal biology and ecology, environmental Physics and Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Plaeontology.