IRePSE - Lille
Fed 4129

Scientific Organization

The ambition of the Institute for the period 2020-2024 is to increase its visibility as well as that of its laboratories and researchers at the local and national level, in order to more effectively promote multidisciplinary projects centered on the laboratories of the University of Lille and to position itself at the forefront of environmental research at regional and international level thanks to its partnerships.

The actions that will be carried out during the next period concern different priority research axes that will strengthen the readability of the Institute and its positioning at regional and international levels.
The IRePSE project is structured around 4 main scientific fields:
• Atmosphere, air quality and impacts
• Ecosystems and biodiversity, structure and dynamics
• Geo-Biosphere, geodynamics and climates of the past
• Environment, Risks, Nature and Society
All these scientific fields are multidisciplinary and cover many complementary skills, present at the University of Lille.