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Lasers and Applications

Lasers and Applications (CERLA)

The Centre for studies and Research on Lasers and Applications (CERLA) is a federative structure that was created in 1994 and recognized as a CNRS Research Federation on January 1st, 2002. Since 1 January 2010, CERLA has become a transversal platform to the Institutes of the University of Lille1. The merger of the Universities of Lille on 1 January 2018 led to a reinforcement of the CERLA within the perimeter of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Lille, with the arrival of two new members, the PRISM and LOA laboratories. The five laboratories participating in CERLA are associated with different sectors of the Faculty of Science and Technology (physics, chemistry, environment, biology), which gives the platform an obvious multidisciplinary character and opens new perspectives for the development of interdisciplinary and structuring projects within the Faculty.

As a structuring operation whose purpose is the concerted development of research on optics and lasers and their use as a means of action, analysis and diagnosis, CERLA's main role is to lead joint inter-laboratory projects.

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Localisation : Campus Cité Scientifique, face à la station de métro Cité Scientifique.