IRePSE - Lille
Fed 4129


Created in 2012, this multidisciplinary collective responded to a desire of the region to draw up an inventory of scientific knowledge on climate change in the region. The objective was to facilitate exchanges between the scientific community and decision-makers in order to facilitate their understanding of climate change, to predict its impacts and to try to adapt to it. Today, the region's support mission is over, but most of the CERCLE actors are members of the CPER Climibio which contributes to continuing the actions already started and also participate in the adaptation network, led by the cerdd.

Objectifs :

  • Better understand the impacts of climate change
  • Produce useful scientific knowledge
  • Determine the challenges to which regional actors will have to respond
  • Anticipate the adaptation needs of the territory
  • Identify research and data acquisition needs
  • Dissemination of this work (report and conferences)

Members :

  • Yves Fouquart - Climate (until 2016)
  • Yves Piquot - Biodiversity
  • Coralie Schoemaecker - Air quality
  • Gabriel Billon - Water quality
  • Arnaud Hequette - Littoral
  • Claude Kergomard - City and socio-economic impacts
  • Damien Cuny - Health

Actions marquantes :

  • 2013 : 1st conference on the impacts of climate change on air quality, terrestrial biodiversity, surface water, and the coast.
  • 2015 : 2nd conference on the impacts of climate change on air quality, marine biodiversity, estuaries, the coast, the city and health.
  • 2015 : Publication of the 1st scientific report of the CERCLE

Download the report : ici